Aerates [verb]

Definition of Aerates:

give air

Synonyms of Aerates:

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Sentence/Example of Aerates:

Another method where fresh water is not available, as on a long drive, is to aerate it by pouring from one pail to another.

They hung out their washings where machine-gun bullets could aerate them.

You can aerate his house, not only with air, but with ideas.

During life they are filled with air, and they serve to aerate the blood circulating in the interior of the appendage.

He smiled, and I went forward to where Mr Preddle was making himself very hot by using the bellows to aerate the water.

They only absorb air to supply the tracheæ, which aerate the blood only within the general cavity of the body.

One of the professional "touches" was to aerate the milk, after mixing, by pouring it from jug to jug.

The object of this arrangement is to break up and aerate the stored grain.

Shake well after the final sterilisation, to aerate the medium.