Aerials [noun]

Definition of Aerials:

football pass toward opponent's goal

Synonyms of Aerials:

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Sentence/Example of Aerials:

She knew there would be plenty of rope in the Norwood barn or the garage for their need in erecting the aerials.

It is suggested, too, that patents are pending that may make outside aerials unnecessary, anyway.

And the lead wire from the aerials, well grounded, was brought directly in from overhead and connected with the radio set.

The aerials are now down and all traces of the plant above ground have been removed.

What if a sudden gust of wind sent them crashing down into the treetops to tear and tangle his slender aerials?

The parking lot outside my hotel room was full of cars with nothing showing but the aerials.

So simple was the arrangement that, within a few moments, Hank had the aerials well aloft.

Breaking in at the key, Joe sent the sparks chasing each other up the aerials.

The crash of his call soon sounded at the spark-gap and quivered on its lightning way up the aerials.

When we get back home I think Darry and I would better put up aerials and have a house-set, too.