Aerie [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aerie:

And yet the croaking of the frogs may reach the eagle's aerie, and disturb the peace of the heights.

Rather a bright sun, Too glorious for him to gaze upon, That took not first flight from the eagle's aerie.

He was in a very eagle's aerie; the upper rim of Khinian's gorge seemed not more than a quarter of a mile above him.

From this aerie Hal could glimpse a bit of the village; the prim church spire; the tiny, far gravestones sleeping on Croft Hill.

Seeing the blaze from his aerie on the island, Putnam attacked the fire as he always attacked the enemy, with impetuosity.

We slept soundly in our cave, and at the earliest dawn clambered back into our aerie.

In the Fero Isles an Eagle flew away with a child (which its mother had left for a few moments), and bore it off to its aerie.

Its aerie is about two yards wide, and is generally situated in the forests bordering on the sea or great lakes.

Its aerie, which is of considerable dimensions, it builds amongst the most inaccessible rocks.

A great peace seemed to emanate from those aerie ruins, and a deep silence reigned there.