Aerodromes [noun]

Definition of Aerodromes:

runway for aircraft

Synonyms of Aerodromes:

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Sentence/Example of Aerodromes:

The first time I saw him was at the aerodrome at Estre Blanche.

There arrived one day at the aerodrome a large packing-case addressed "Sergeant Tam."

But apparently Fritz had overshot the aerodrome, for the next explosion came a mile to the west.

One of you fellows drop a note over their aerodrome and ask them what the dickens they mean by it.

This gear meshes with one of 35 teeth upon a shaft at right angles to the main shaft and parallel to the axis of the aerodrome.

When a total of 75 seconds had been consumed the car was released and the aerodrome was launched.

On August 3, Aerodrome No. 5, equipped with these superposed surfaces, was launched.

In any case, it was improbable that the mechanics from the aerodrome would see us climbing into the Rumpler.

In fact, no point regarding the aerodrome is more certain than that the frame was more than strong enough for its purpose.

They had selected an object for their bombs not far from our aerodrome.