Aeroplanes [noun]

Definition of Aeroplanes:

early aircraft

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Sentence/Example of Aeroplanes:

An aeroplane had reported that the Goeben had come into the Narrows, presumably to fire over the Peninsula with her big guns.

Presently the aeroplane came into sight again and was greeted with a sudden roar of cheering.

The aeroplane had been hoisted to its elevated position by means of a stout rope passing through a pulley at the top of the pole.

So far as can be seen by aeroplane scouting, this ridge is still unoccupied; certainly it is unentrenched.

A novelty for a window display is made of a model aeroplane flying by its own power.

The long-tailed aeroplane at a very great height resembles the Lmmergeier more than any other bird.

The effect on anyone making a balloon or aeroplane ascent from sea-level would be different.

Hanging from a mammoth crane was part of the framework of a great aeroplane.

This aeroplane was intended to convoy us to our destination.

To disable the pilot of the opposing aeroplane will be the first object.