Aerosols [noun]

Definition of Aerosols:

fine mist

Synonyms of Aerosols:

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Sentence/Example of Aerosols:

There is still so much that we do not understand about secondary organic aerosols, and these studies are very important to push the field forward.

First, people would have to breathe in the fomite aerosols, notes Julian Tang.

They’re infectious and they’re breathing out aerosols when they talk.

To catch the tiny aerosols that might be carrying the coronavirus, filters need a high enough MERV — yes, MERV.

Evidence also suggests that smaller aerosol particles, spread while talking or breathing, can lead to transmission.

This electrostatic property lets the threads and aerosols bind to each other.

In a lab experiment, researchers used a machine to spew tiny aerosols containing the new coronavirus.

It was a little stainless-steel aerosol canister that looked for all the world like a pepper-spray self-defense unit.

Solvents and aerosol sprays also decrease the heart and respiratory rates, and impair judgment.

She flinched and misted a cloud of aerosol capsicum ahead of her.