Aesthetes [noun]

Definition of Aesthetes:

person having great sensitivity to beauty

Synonyms of Aesthetes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aesthetes:


Sentence/Example of Aesthetes:

The aesthete who had so touched him with his impassioned voice, was going to say the saving word.

To everyone, except perhaps here and there an occasional aesthete, the commonest sense of the word is unaesthetic.

We see that the man whose success is merely personal—the actor, the sophist, the millionaire, the aesthete—is incurably vulgar.

The service would have been pronounced by any modern aesthetic religionist—or religious aesthete, which is it?

But Becky Sharp's eyes also were green, and the green of the aesthete does not suggest innocence.

Aesthete and libertine alike sink to the lower level of pleasure, and their emotions become obscene.

That aesthete, to be sure, was right, when he said: "It is Style that makes one believe in a thing; nothing but Style."

Her favourite strong blues and purples would have struck painfully on the refined colour-sense of an aesthete.

The aesthete must not ask me to mingle my tears with his, because these things are merely useful and ugly.

Plato believed in the value of beauty and, being more than a mere modern aesthete, held no skindeep creed.