Aestheticisms [noun]

Definition of Aestheticisms:

judgment, propriety

Synonyms of Aestheticisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aestheticisms:

Sentence/Example of Aestheticisms:

Ruskin calls this a narrow asceticism; perhaps it was rather the result of a very subtle aestheticism.

Aestheticism and carnality are by no means as dissociate as the æsthete would have us believe.

Call it aestheticism, squeamishness, namby-pamby sentimentalism, what you will it is stronger than oneself!

Aestheticism (for so they named the movement,) did indeed permeate, in a manner, all classes.

It is a custom that is instinctively condemned by everyone from the standpoint of both hygiene and aestheticism.

We may divide human artifacts into two classes, namely, those of utility and those of aestheticism.

It will be interesting to note in what ritualistic harbor the aestheticism of our day will finally moor.

The fifteenth century saw Japan ennoble it into a religion of aestheticism—Teaism.

The prevalence of such a sensualism or aestheticism would alone suffice to explain the impotence of the arts.

Was she really having some effect on their terrible aestheticism at last?