Affabilities [noun]

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While jaunty affability is Danson’s trademark, Fey is a withering social critic whose deeply pessimistic outlook on race, gender and other social-justice issues has been known to incite controversy.

Both offered Liverman an early showcase for his affable presence onstage and the elasticity of his instrument.

Whereas Lessard had acted the martinet with MacRae, he took another tack and became the very essence of affability toward me.

She saw at once that he resented her leisurely way and her attempt at affability, and she hastened to apologize.

There is nothing insipid or affected, nothing of that simpering affability that his successors brought into vogue.

By his affability, correctness, and fairness in all his work he has succeeded marvellously in attaching every one to himself.

But the captain had him by the arm and was dancing him about the sidewalk, showing more affability than was his wont.

Her whole proceeding evinces good humour and affability in the highest degree, and the "law of kindness is in her tongue."

His reserve, coldness, and cynicism were in striking contrast with the affability of the Stuarts.

Don Mateo, as one of the very few persons who remained neutral in Sarrio, was received with frankness and affability.