Affably [adverb]

Definition of Affably:


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Sentence/Example of Affably:

My sweet gal,” he said affably touching his cap, “is Capting Laidlaw within?

Then he, Big Sid, was over dropping his left hand on that guard's arm, asking affably for the vice-president.

"I regret very much that I have come too late to know any of my male relatives," he said, affably.

Henry Burns smiled most affably, as though the squire had been his dearest friend and adviser.

He stands grinning very affably but doesn't understand a word of English.

As for Jim, he grinned affably, and took another slice of his apple.

Mrs. Lem bowed affably, and the three went out and closed the door.

"And you were quite right, my dear M. Fourier," said the Comte affably.

"Monsieur le Lieutenant has guessed," the little man answered, turning affably to the Doctor.

Page thought him slightly cracked; but shook hands affably, and caught the next train for Denver.