Affairs [noun]

Definition of Affairs:

matter or business to be taken care of; happening activity

Synonyms of Affairs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affairs:

Sentence/Example of Affairs:

As small letters weary the eye most, so also the smallest affairs disturb us most.

And I finished all with a brief historical account of affairs and events in England for about a hundred years past.

The archbishop of Manila sends to the king (July 30, 1621) an account of ecclesiastical and some other affairs in his diocese.

The occupants of the room had been too absorbed with their own affairs to notice the gradual dimming of the illumination.

A royal decree (December 31, 1622) orders the Dominicans in the Philippines not to meddle in affairs of government.

She had never had this curiosity in relation to George Cannon--she had only wondered about his affairs with other women.

I believe we shall never get on with human affairs until we do ignore them.

The mode of procession was a little out of the common order of such affairs; but so was the marriage.

Condition of the archbishopric of Manila in regard to the affairs of ecclesiastical and secular government.

It was a life full of freedom, and I shall never cease to be grateful for it, but I must go home soon and look after my affairs.