Affected [adjective]

Definition of Affected:

deeply moved or hurt emotionally

Synonyms of Affected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affected:

Sentence/Example of Affected:

Workers in our neighborhood supermarkets, drug stores and health care facilities are among the most affected, and sometimes interact with thousands of customers or patients a day.

Though even in the worst affected places, prosperity only dropped to levels last seen in recent years.

It’s unclear whether the hackers also accessed affected users’ private messages.

In affected regions, hundreds of millions of people could be threatened with dying heat.

I mean, here we are in New York City, where you were very affected.

Janet's silence impressed Hilda: it was not merely strange--it was formidable: it affected the whole day.

Hagley Road, on Sunday evenings, is particularly affected by some as their favourite promenade.

He made the acquaintance of some courtiers, who felt or affected an interest in learning and in learned men.

But he is not aware of the profound extent to which his own opinions have been affected by the changing times.

The finely granular variety is the least significant, and is found when the epithelium is only moderately affected.