Affective [adjective]

Definition of Affective:

concerning feelings and intuition

Synonyms of Affective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affective:


Sentence/Example of Affective:

But the affective or appetitive powers tend towards external action.

The students of Religion have usually been content to describe it either in intellectual or in affective terms.

The passionate vehemence with which her words were uttered was affective.

Our work as educators will be to maintain a working harmony in the affective and instinctive life of the people.

Volition is here used in the wider sense, as including all motor and affective activities in mind.

I mean there was nothing emotional, affective about him, and this impressed me.

The nature of mental diseases consists in the return to former states of the affective life and function.

And life, like everything affective, has roots in subconsciousness, perhaps in unconsciousness.

And this personal and affective starting-point of all philosophy and all religion is the tragic sense of life.

It will be our purpose in the next few chapters to study the affective content of consciousness—the feelings and emotions.