Affects [verb]

Definition of Affects:

influence, affect emotionally

Synonyms of Affects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affects:

Sentence/Example of Affects:

The decrease affects chiefly the polymorphonuclear cells, so that the lymphocytes are relatively increased.

Attention to this point is of great moment, and materially affects the fermentation.

The way in which the motion of the earth affects the direction of these currents is not difficult to understand.

"I mean the secret that affects him" she interrupted, in aggrieved tones, feeling that Mr. Carr was playing with her.

It is always to be remembered that retrospective legislation is bad in principle only when it affects the substantive law.

This swashing affects not only the broken part of the waves, but all the water between the outer breaker and the shore.

"Young man," he addresses me in the artificial guttural voice he affects on solemn occasions.

One other natural law which affects the running of watches is this: Variations in temperature affect the elasticity of metals.

Thomas affects me as a lie—I beg your pardon; doubtless 277 he was somebody you knew; that leads people so far astray.

The disease affects only the skin, but as it is contagious a child affected with it should be kept from school until cured.