Affianced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Affianced:

The heir apparent, a boy of nine years old, is affianced to the daughter of a neighbouring king.

How can two affianced people know each other, even if for years they try ever so hard?

You perhaps did not know that I too loved your affianced Violet; how long, how deeply I can never utter to any living soul.

He and the affianced couple stood alone together in a moment of silence.

Come, we are affianced now; let me give thee the lover's kiss!'

Lillian was at home, however, and she rushed downstairs impetuously to meet her affianced husband.

He was enamoured early of poetry and romance, and soon affianced himself to the Muse.

There was no more any danger that she should be betrayed into bearing off the affections of her sister's affianced lover.

Juliet and I had been affianced beside my father's deathbed—Torella was to be a second parent to me.

A mistress who does not forget the time when she used to meet her affianced thus writes.