Affiances [noun]

Definition of Affiances:

one's word that something will be done

Opposite/Antonyms of Affiances:

Sentence/Example of Affiances:

William made use of Haralds compulsory sojourn to make him swear allegiance to him, and affiance him to his daughter.

It is not well done for a king to affiance himself to one woman when he already has another for his wife.

I protest I shall be proud to give you proof I hold a most religious affiance with your love.

He must put full affiance in God, and love Him supremely: and next, me; and below that, all other.

For an instant their looks fused and were lost in a passionate affiance.

He is a traitor to affiance and abuse to employment, and a rule of villainy in a plot of mischief.

I place my chief affiance in God, continued the lady, and my next in you as my kinsman; so deceive me not.

For nothing that man can give would I have you doubt my faith and affiance.

Their notion of the real meaning of the period of affiance commended itself entirely to his lofty sentiments.

The young Duke of Hamilton was, however, the successful one; and the pledge of affiance passed mutually.