Affiches [noun]

Definition of Affiches:

large paper advertisement

Synonyms of Affiches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affiches:


Sentence/Example of Affiches:

The ladder was quickly got out, and they hurried down it and across the clearing to the tree that bore the unexpected affiche.

Sublimity glares from the theatrical hand-bill, and the menagerie affiche.

Meanwhile the Aldermen were busy preparing a new affiche which was soon being posted up in all directions.

"But you will first sign the following affiche—by the General's orders," he exclaimed roughly.

Perhaps the most intolerable thing is the affiche of idolatry for Baudelaire.

It is still to let: I saw the affiche in the shop window to-day.

The composition of the affiche was that of the two Miss Dunns jointly, who prided themselves upon being elegant scholars.

Every sign-board, every door-plate, every affiche upon the walls, was scrutinized.

And for a young girl to be affiche with Almington her first season is nothing short of tarnishing, Felicia went on, virtuously.

And why on earth she chose to affiche herself with a man like Malcourt, Constance could not comprehend.