Affiliated [adjective]

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A Post analysis found Genesis is within the top five chains nationally in the amount of money each nursing home pays to affiliated entities.

SMBs can show up in maps, above search results, on affiliated websites that opt-into Google’s display ads, and even in pre-roll ads on YouTube.

Fans have also been frustrated at Sony and its affiliated partners for not offering clarification or providing conflicting accounts about the probable launch of the new gaming console in recent months.

Boston Dynamics will benefit substantially from new capital, technology, affiliated customers, and Hyundai Motor Group’s global market reach enhancing commercialization opportunity for its robot products.

While a legally separate but affiliated entity from Curio Wellness, the Curio WMBE Fund aims to give franchisees access to Curio’s secret sauce.

These schools became affiliated Universities, but never equalled the Law University in importance.

Each affiliated person's account is thus kept to date, and this as much for the Central Bank as for the person affiliated.

The affiliated person will give a pledge in exchange for his cheque book.

Let us first explain the modes of operating payments to the profit of every member affiliated to the cheque and clearing service.

If the possessor of the bill is himself affiliated to the cheque service he can have the bill put to the credit of his account.