Affiliates [noun]

Definition of Affiliates:

organization that is associated with another

Synonyms of Affiliates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affiliates:


Sentence/Example of Affiliates:

Again, all three major networks, and I believe through our local affiliates.

He affiliates as readily with the Mexican and the Indian as he does with the whites.

Early in 1833 Mazzini, it is impossible to say with what accuracy, put the number of affiliates at fifty or sixty thousand.

The novice can hardly expect to learn unless he affiliates himself with such groups and attends their meetings.

Democracy most of all affiliates with the open air, is sunny and hardy and sane only with Nature—just as much as Art is.

The language appears to be a Shan dialect, and to this family the writer affiliates both the Thos and the Nongs.

They largely consist of the populations which the Bible affiliates with Ham.

The others are generally second-level affiliates of the CFR.

The affiliates of Satanism are mystics of a vile order, but they are mystics.

In religious thought he affiliates with the Congregationalists; but the Sabbath is to him a day of rest.