Affiliations [noun]

Definition of Affiliations:

association with an organization

Synonyms of Affiliations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affiliations:

Sentence/Example of Affiliations:

Union affiliations were closely inquired into, and favorable mention of the right to organize brought a challenge from the state.

These widespread affiliations broke down aught like "caste."

Also, the affiliations and connections of his family in Maryland made his defection greatly to be desired.

The linguistic affiliations of the Etruscans are still a matter of discussion.

He doesn't know the men who are behind it—its party affiliations, its patrons.

The purpose of the "blacklist" was to strike at neutral firms with German affiliations which were trading with Germany.

Race tastes and race affiliations will make for churches essentially white and essentially black.

Imagine a man, in politics, dubious of his old affiliations and disturbed by the conflicting opinions of his day.

He quite made up his mind he wouldn't keep in with her, but the two girls he liked next best had Democratic affiliations also.

Next, the favored unions withdrew from the international organizations and broke off all affiliations.