Affinities [noun]

Definition of Affinities:

liking or inclination toward something

Synonyms of Affinities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affinities:

Sentence/Example of Affinities:

Then I went to San Diego and started my first show at 21 at One America News, which has recently gotten a little bit more popular and some more headlines around it, of course, given the president’s affinity for it.

All those who place ads on Google are allowed to address their affinity audiences through Gmail, video, display, and search efforts.

If affinity audiences are floating users whose attention towards your products may falter at times, custom affinity audiences are anchored to your company.

This effect “was driven by their intolerance for incongruent comments rather than an elevated affinity for congruent comments,” the researchers wrote.

While this type of content doesn’t yield a huge amount of income in the short term, it does help to build brand affinity, and ultimately sales, in the long term.

The first and most important rule is to recruit an influencer who has a consolidated brand affinity, in addition to the overlap of partial followers.

Is there to be some mysterious affinity between chewing and the revolutions, especially the social revolutions of the future?

I don't doubt you will find more than one affinity if you are awakening; that is merely the mating instinct.

The striking resemblance of Kingia, in caudex and leaves, to Xanthorrhoea, cannot fail to suggest its affinity to that genus also.

Yet we are told that heat, motion, electricity and chemical affinity are the causes of mental and moral action.