Affirmations [noun]

Definition of Affirmations:

declaration of the truth of something

Synonyms of Affirmations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affirmations:

Sentence/Example of Affirmations:

Martyrdoms do not occur for ethical generalizations, much less for philosophical affirmations.

We shall not say anything of the affirmations so frequently made use of by the learned.

These affirmations provoked very keen protests in the ecclesiastical world.

The priest commended the sight and the wish with smiling affirmations that somehow seemed to lack sympathy.

The passage quoted from Dr. Barrows contains six specific affirmations.

They need help also in discovering what their affirmations and denials mean for their way of life.

And indeed I could see that she was a young woman of sharp affirmations.

A little reflection is sufficient to understand that all these affirmations have by themselves no meaning.

But without much success: his contact with American life is not direct, and so he is capable of purely theoretical affirmations.

Then the propositions of Euclid contain affirmations as to the relations of practically-rigid bodies.