Affirmative [adjective]

Definition of Affirmative:

being agreeable or assenting

Synonyms of Affirmative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affirmative:

Sentence/Example of Affirmative:

Another recent celebrity disclosure seems to offer a disappointingly affirmative answer to that question.

A Labor Department spokesperson told Axios that the agency "appreciates Microsoft's assurance on its website that it is not engaging in racial preferences or quotas in seeking to reach its affirmative action and outreach goals."

Allowing Los Angeles to pass an affirmative action policy would allow it to more quickly diversify its workforce, she argues.

During the pandemic, some states, particularly those run by Democrats, are taking affirmative steps to make it much easier to vote.

She asks if the piece shown to her by the saleswoman is all silk, who makes an affirmative reply.

The attendant stooped over the bed to ascertain, and nodded in the affirmative.

We are ourselves satisfied, and undertake to demonstrate to our readers, that this question must be answered in the affirmative.

Mr. Boar, who had watched his approach, rose at the removal of the hat, and replied in the affirmative.

Fagin nodded in the affirmative, and pointing in the direction of Saffron Hill, inquired whether any one was up yonder to-night.

Henry replied in the affirmative, declaring that he unfortunately could not overhear the subject under discussion.