Affirmatively [adverb]

Definition of Affirmatively:

willingly, assenting; pleasantly; in keeping

Synonyms of Affirmatively:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affirmatively:

Sentence/Example of Affirmatively:

Arguments over the Fairness Doctrine often serve as proxy debates for larger issues, including the legitimacy of government’s affirmative duty to protect positive freedoms.

There’s no law that protected us, or affirmative action, that doesn’t even exist, right, in Germany.

And, while it does require that individuals give affirmative express consent before sensitive data can be processed or transferred to a third party, the definition is less broad than what’s in COPRA.

Steps have been taken in recent decades to begin addressing this legacy in earnest, from anti-discrimination laws to affirmative action efforts.

If this limited deal does pass, it’s likely they’ll abruptly pivot to an affirmative economic message, suddenly extolling all they’re doing for the recovery.

Flowers studied history and political science in college between leading marches and attending protests over wrongful convictions and to promote affirmative action.

The bailiff nodded affirmatively, crossed the drawbridge and entered the donjon.

M. Regnard says affirmatively, that the grey squirrels of Lapland are the same animals as the French squirrels.

"That caballero and the persons of his suite," answered the old chief, affirmatively nodding his head.

Her husband evidently had no difficulty in following her train of thought, for he nodded once more, affirmatively.