Affirmatives [noun]

Definition of Affirmatives:

gesture of the head

Synonyms of Affirmatives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affirmatives:


Sentence/Example of Affirmatives:

Because affirmatives bind not ad semper, and out-of-season duties become sins.

A chorus of hearty affirmatives went up from the six girls who had halted in the middle of the sidewalk to gather about Marjorie.

Browning differs from our ordinary teachers mainly in the boldness of his affirmatives and negatives.

Now, this issue is made up of two affirmatives, and no negative.

Now, this issue is made up of two affirmatives and no negative.

The bill was passed by a bare quorum, 28 affirmatives out of 52.

The chorus of affirmatives was short one voice—that of Splinters.

Aristotle passes next to Affirmatives, both Universal and Particular.

A chorus of affirmatives from the bandits strengthened Kells's statement.

Affirmatives bind not semper et ad semper, as negatives or prohibitions do.