Affirmed [verb]

Definition of Affirmed:

declare the truth of something

Synonyms of Affirmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affirmed:

Sentence/Example of Affirmed:

The study found positive screens for depression and anxiety are correlated with access to gender-affirming care, and more than 40 percent of respondents reported losing access to mental health counseling.

The vibe of canyon country is distinct from anything in nature, a feeling at once humbling, boggling, meditative and affirming.

It is a grassroots organization committed to creating a world in which diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed.

If discovered, it will only affirm whatever negative biases her colleagues may already harbor.

It is essential we affirm our commitment to the rights of all our citizens, regardless of who they love.

He accidentally affirmed that he could telework, even though, as a driver, he obviously could not.

Those rights were affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in a 1999 decision.

Uber and Lyft appealed the decision, but the appeals court has now affirmed the decision from the lower court.

Although this work has been difficult, I was recently reminded by an employee that this work is affirming to the humanity of all and requires intentionality and love as its driving force.

After Barrett initially simply affirmed the holding in Obergefell that same-sex couples have a right to marry, the nominee declined to say whether she agrees with that precedent consistent with her testimony in her response to other cases.