Affirms [verb]

Definition of Affirms:

declare the truth of something

Synonyms of Affirms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affirms:

Sentence/Example of Affirms:

Miss Diana Vaughan, who is one of the seceding witnesses, affirms that it was an early and absorbing passion.

Piso says, that the flesh of the six banded is not eatable; and Nieremberg affirms, that it is unwholesome and pernicious.

So the coachman affirms; and once conversation is opened between us it flows without intermission.

To this we have now to add, that every proposition by which anything is asserted of a Kind, affirms an uniformity of coexistence.

The soul then is what she affirms; (or rather), she asserts it (only), later, and then she asserts it by keeping silence.

Markham affirms that the words mean "A chance, or lucky, game-cock!"

Cook affirms that these islanders, like the Tahitans, were acquainted with "Kaba."

That the vision did not differ at all from the first great vision Ezekiel expressly affirms at the close.

They deny what the amendment of my honorable friend from Kentucky affirms.

The amendment of the Senator affirms there is property in a slave.