Afflictions [noun]

Definition of Afflictions:

hurt condition; something that causes hurt

Synonyms of Afflictions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afflictions:

Sentence/Example of Afflictions:

The idea that a lack of certain trace elements causes common afflictions was established by nutritionists starting in the 19th century.

This affliction is rising in younger Americans, but it typically strikes adults older than 65.

For the affliction of the daughter of my people I am afflicted, and made sorrowful, astonishment hath taken hold on me.

I have borne me up against affliction, till my o'ercharged bosom can contain no longer.

It is an insult to them to leave them to join in pleasure from which their recent affliction excludes them.

The smoking furnace symbolized the people of Israel who were to be tried in the iron furnace of affliction in Egypt.

If, after affliction, your friends call before you are able to see them, do not fear to give offence by declining to receive them.

In paying your visits of condolence, show, by your own quiet gravity, that you sympathize in the recent affliction of your friend.

I loaned thee three hundred; but on account of thy affliction I would pay thee more than I would another man.

My affliction does not enter into the case, but I shall certainly advise her against such an unfair transaction as that.