Afflictive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Afflictive:

What an afflictive and appalling spectacle did it present to her!

"I do well to be angry, even unto death," is the usual style in which we greet the afflictive providence of God.

With the calm and dignified fortitude of a Christian, philosopher and hero—he met the shafts of afflictive fate.

The "afflictive birch, cursed by unlettered idle youth," has other uses than that which the quotation would seem likely to imply.

They never have even a partial representation of ministers, except under the afflictive dispensations of Providence.

No news of course could be so afflictive to my dear parents, as to hear of the last rash and irretrievable step which I had taken.

It will easily be conceived how afflictive such a dispensation must have been to him who had to bear it.

To these afflictive tidings was added some discouragement in respect to their proposed journey to Russia.

What shall we do but seek ability at the Divine footstool to bow in humble resignation to this afflictive dispensation?

The most afflictive symptom was want of sleep, which he endeavoured to obtain by the motion of a cradle.