Afflicts [verb]

Definition of Afflicts:

cause or become hurt

Synonyms of Afflicts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afflicts:

Sentence/Example of Afflicts:

Up, still in a constant pain in my back, which much afflicts me with fear of the consequence of it.

It is rather a drawl that afflicts the ear than a nasal twang.

It is the inconsistency of the thing that strikes and afflicts us.

Shall we have so little courage, and shall that uncertainty of serving two masters which afflicts your heart affect mine too?

Forester, I see how this news afflicts you; I judged you too well to think that your own dashed hopes entered into your sorrow.

It is so certainly in hunting, and a big wood too frequently afflicts the sportsman, as the mud does the miner.

What he will make of it in those unassisted moments, afflicts the compassionate female understanding.

It is one thing to have youth, courage, and a fighting spirit to meet the blows with which fortune often afflicts the talented.

Life's exigencies, ever harsher as progress afflicts us with its increasing needs, have changed all that.

But what afflicts me to-day, is not that I snore and sleep meanly and shabbily, like a paltry outcast.