Afford [verb]

Definition of Afford:

able to have or do; within financial means

Synonyms of Afford:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afford:

Sentence/Example of Afford:

The equal protection women enjoyed, according to the Supreme Court, wasn’t as strong as the protection that the Constitution afforded against racial discrimination.

At some point we can’t afford some of our employees because we don’t have money coming in from our clients.

The most advanced AI techniques require an enormous amount of computational resources, which increasingly only the wealthiest companies can afford.

His family could not afford to send his grandmother to a nursing home with services like physical therapy.

There’s a certain part of the public that can afford it, and those sort of people want to know where the product is coming from.

While from a business perspective that’s obviously not great, The Times’ svp of ad innovation Allison Murphy said it afforded her team a new opportunity to plan ahead for the future.

Many of Hamza’s patients could be saved by antivenom, he says, but they can’t afford to pay for it.

Mouser said a practitioner there told him that the fee was too high for him to afford on unemployment, and that he would only be able to treat Mouser once he’d been arrested and taken to Hiland, the state prison.

You’re going to depend on your winch working, so buy the best you can afford—don’t cheap out.

Currently, I’m paying 10 times more out of pocket for my diabetes medication and putting off surgery because I simply can’t afford it.