Affordable [adjective]

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To that end, Foundry is launching operations in places with affordable and abundant power, including Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and upstate New York.

Imagine you’re a user looking for “affordable bikes” as a search term.

His election will move forward the fight to provide affordable healthcare for all and economic and judicial equality.

Desert Control is currently working on scaling up its production operations and bringing LNC’s costs down, hoping to ultimately make the product affordable to farmers in low-income countries.

It was about this display of affordable abundance available to American consumers.

At a Thursday press conference, the San Diego Housing Federation pointed to a new analysis of 2018 Census data that estimated the county needs 142,590 more affordable rental homes to meet regional demand – up 4 percent since last year’s analysis.

Rapid progress is being made in the field of healthcare, for example, as China grapples with providing easy access to affordable and high-quality services for its aging population.

At peak hype, desktop 3D printers got all the love, even though affordable machines mostly maxed out at the fabrication of plastic tchotchkes.

Rent regulations, meanwhile, appeal to the public and politicians, but they also create perverse incentives that in the long run work against affordable housing.

Specialization and standardization have made many wonderful things available and affordable — transportation and medicine and entertainment, on and on.