Afforded [verb]

Definition of Afforded:

able to have or do; within financial means

Synonyms of Afforded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afforded:

Sentence/Example of Afforded:

For those who can’t afford to make purchases based solely on their environmental impact, advocating for systemic change is just as important.

“This grant will afford us a tremendous opportunity to bring closure to our victims’ families,” said county Deputy Police Chief Anthony Schartner, “and to bring justice to our victims.”

It’s already months too late, and we can’t afford to wait any longer.

Other boys his age had already quit school, unable to afford the fees, and worked full time.

The receipt of such an email gives me the impression that I am expected to give this child a present, but I really can't afford it and am embarrassed to say so.

Healthcare is a human right, it is not a privilege, though, in its current setup in the United States, it is a privilege for folks who are able to afford it.

Diversification will be an insurance policy against the storms to come, so publishers can’t afford to slack on this.

An employer who can’t afford PCR might welcome antigen testing, because catching 80% of infected workers would be better than catching none at all.

Lincoln Pharmacy works with Murphy on a payment plan, without which she would not be able to afford the medication at all.

The small monthly payments many defendants could afford were drowned by the court costs and interest Methodist added onto cases.