Affording [verb]

Definition of Affording:

able to have or do; within financial means

Synonyms of Affording:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affording:

Sentence/Example of Affording:

Otherwise, if you can’t afford taking this challenge, AMP will likely still be your fallback.

The question doesn’t just apply to streaming services and food delivery companies — it’s an issue financial technology businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Neither party can afford ideological purity if it’s to win across a big and diverse nation.

Born in Mozambique in 1951 to Portuguese parents, the journalist, poet and activist was keenly aware of the privileges his race afforded him.

Rease says he frequently sleeps in his Jeep so he can afford to make longer journeys and fit in more veterans.

Although the loss dropped Washington to 2-6, it remains in second place in the division and Rivera thinks Smith affords them the best chance to stay alive in the tight NFC East race.

Unlike Klarna, we don’t encourage consumers to buy stuff they can’t afford.

That would make it easier to eventually turn her idea into something most people could afford.

Now, decades later, we are seeing Americans similarly saddled with huge medical expenses—and that’s to say nothing of the millions among us who cannot afford coverage at all.

This hybrid method afforded them additional control over the graph structure that Erdős didn’t have.