Afforestation [noun]

Definition of Afforestation:

forest management

Synonyms of Afforestation:

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Sentence/Example of Afforestation:

The Board is carrying on the afforestation of Ireland, which in many parts is almost without trees.

Irrigation and afforestation are both necessary for the successful development of the West.

A yearly sum was spent on afforestation in addition to what was laid out by the State and by private individuals.

Some prefectures, in the sincerity of their devotion to afforestation, forbid the New Year destruction of pine trees.

We look forward to the part that this new clothing will play in the general scheme of afforestation.

We shall use the word afforestation here to denote the steps to be taken for promoting the growth of timber on a large scale.

The Forest Laws were oppressive, and for the purpose of afforestation many wrongs were committed.

The topic of Piriapolis brings us to the question of afforestation.

In this matter of afforestation, Scanno continues its system of draconic severity.

For instance, the question of afforestation and the necessity for keeping up a readily available supply of wood is touched on.