Affray [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Affray:

Proceeding in his cross examination, the counsel asked where the affray happened?

Mr. Enwright's store is at the corner below the scene of the affray now being investigated.

"A number of my boys got into a shooting affray with some herders," Trowbridge explained.

There has been a spectator of the whole affray unseen by the combatants, and now he steps forth.

In the affray he drew a revolver, which was instantly knocked out of his hand.

A not very turbulent affray decides which of the suitors shall be the possessor; and the couple fly away over the wall.

But Onoufry, interfering in time, prevents an affray the issue of which would probably have been fatal.

Upon this a bloody affray took place between the Portuguese and the attendants on Badur, in which seven of the latter were slain.

"Mr. Flint, I appoint you acting first lieutenant of the Bronx," said Christy, as soon as the affray was over.

The lieutenant retained his place in the stern sheets, which he had not left during the affray or the conference.