Affrighting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Affrighting:

Seized with affright, the princess recoiled to where an ivory crucifix gleamed on a black velvet background.

Then she started, grew crimson, and looked round in affright: had she said something she should not have said?

Jacky's answer made Mary scream with affright, and startled even Jem's iron nerves for a moment.

As soon as she heard the song, with a cry of affright, she ordered Bouchibus to catch the pigeon and make a stew of it.

Thy gushing tears in torrents flow,Thy bosom pants in wild affright!

He was perhaps a half-dozen paces in advance of Fred, when he abruptly stopped with an exclamation of affright.

A small figure at his side had raised itself upon its elbow; big black eyes in a pale little face were staring at him in affright.

How those records still affright us On thy gloomy page, Tacitus!

At the moment of doing so he uttered an exclamation of affright and leaped back into the mouth of the cavern.

The more reason he had for affright, the more his courage rose.