Affronting [verb]

Definition of Affronting:

insult or involve in entanglement

Synonyms of Affronting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affronting:

Sentence/Example of Affronting:

She heard a great many affronting speeches and raillery very disagreeable to a woman, which she only laughed at.

And now by affronting of both the Armies, the plots and labours of many moneths, were reduced to the hazard of a few houres.

Remember that not he who gives ill language or a blow affronts, but the principle which represents these things as affronting.

They were meekly going to their tasks while he was affronting men with more millions than he had checks on the newest suit.

Mrs. Grundy had a great deal to say against Richard Burton, and, life through, he took a peculiar delight in affronting her.

He had been accused of boyish dash and temerity in affronting English feeling with a larger demand.

Suppose he should never propose for her, what a way she will be in after affronting my brother and all!

It made her feel stronger and better capable of affronting the difficulties of life.

Not a little pride in affronting opinion may have kindled the glow of his sudden resolve.

If it hadna been fear for affronting a good steady customer, you shoudna hae been here.