Affronts [noun]

Definition of Affronts:

an insult

Synonyms of Affronts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affronts:

Sentence/Example of Affronts:

The very idea that judgments are being rendered on that worthiness is an affront and, of course, the point.

Not suspecting her motive, he represented the hazard of putting so great an affront on the favourite of the Empress.

I opposed this, fearing, of course, that the French and even the Gentiles might interpret this as an affront to our faith.

The vote which required the King to discard them merely because they were what he himself was seemed to him a personal affront.

He was even ready to swallow such an affront as that, thinking it might be offered him under a misconception of his meaning.

That the very novelty of the venture will pass as an affront to some portion of his readers there is only reason to anticipate.

The Bishop, it was pointed out, had pardoned the affront which he had received; but the Duke forbade them to speak of pardon.

Even the educational boon, so recently accorded by parliament, was regarded as a religious affront.

But the colonies seemed to consider it as an affront rather than a compliment.

The day at Lichtenburg was very busy, occupied by those miserable duties that affront the softer feelings.