Afloat [adjective]

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She won her last race by a large margin, she has a fairly moderate voting record, Maine only barely voted for Clinton in 2016, and experts continue to rate the race as a toss-up, all factors that help keep her afloat in our Classic and Deluxe models.

The largest component of that aid, the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program, kept thousands of small businesses afloat.

Under the CARES Act stimulus that was approved, USPS got a $10 billion loan, which is helping keep things afloat for now.

For instance, people kept spending money, despite high levels of unemployment, because the federal government was keeping jobless workers afloat with an additional $600 per week in benefits.

Rather, economists have found that the US government’s stimulus payments and enhanced unemployment insurance have kept many low-income families afloat.

In order to stay afloat the district will need to make even bigger cuts in the following years.

Without embarking on another endless yarn let me note the fact that there are two schools amongst our brethren afloat.

Mark it well, for from this spot have embarked countless fine fellows to serve King and country afloat.

There are a good many anecdotes afloat about him and his odd way of doing things, before he grew up to manhood.

He said that he could build a submarine that could swim under the water and destroy any war vessel afloat.