Afoot [adjective]

Definition of Afoot:

traveling by foot

Synonyms of Afoot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afoot:

Sentence/Example of Afoot:

Sewage couldn’t tell you exactly who is infected, but it could reveal if there were infections afoot in a region—potentially, even before people started feeling sick.

Globally, it seems an experiment is afoot and with it the idea that prisons shouldn’t be hellholes since you only get one kind of person out of a hellhole and that’s not the person you should expect to return to polite society.

To see the company raise even more this quickly signaled that something was afoot.

There are just these big changes afoot, and the question is how we’re going to manage them as a country.

For example, there is a vast discussion afoot upon the questions that centre upon Property, its rights and its limitations.

Then the temptation came upon me strong to go on to the ford and see the Mataafa villages, where we heard there was more afoot.

It is she whom I followed afoot, penniless and wanting bread, until I fell exhausted on the highway and racked with pain.

Moreover then as ever when such doings were afoot was the King himself foremost among his men.

And the King himself and some of his men rode on horseback, but many more went afoot.

I was early afoot next morning; and as soon as I had a bite to eat, set forth upon a tour of exploration.