Afore [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Afore:

When I told dad, sez I, 'Dad, did ever yer hear sech a thing uz gittin' up afore light to feed stock?'

They're up every mornin' uv thar lives long afore daylight, a feedin' their stock, an' gittin' ready fur the day's work.

And now that hes thoroughly up to it, lets have some supper, and get a snooze afore starting.

He told Horner you'd bin shot resistin' arrest, an' wanted t' see her afore yuh cashed in.

Just afore sundown, she showed up, and passed me with her eyes fixed on a spot about two miles further on.

If you had the wish o' yer heart for yer Christmas dinner an' a good fairy to set it all afore ye?

"It is yours, an' you should hae thocht aboot a' that afore," and her voice was very angry as she finished.

I only hope we'll hae the pleesure o' meetin' you here again afore lang.

It wad hae—been a' richt—in oor mind, if I had been married afore—afore it happened—but because we werena married—it was wrang.

After this fared King Harald up to Heidmark and there burned, and did no less war-work than has been writ afore.