Aforesaid [adjective]

Definition of Aforesaid:

said earlier

Synonyms of Aforesaid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aforesaid:


Sentence/Example of Aforesaid:

This Peal (by the Rules aforesaid) may be Rang with any whole hunt, half hunt, and quarter hunt.

All applications, including therein any on which action may have been deferred because in excess of the aforesaid 10 per cent.

Scattergood gave the matter his best thought, then polished the buggy as aforesaid, and called.

No time should be lost, therefore return her Epistle with the aforesaid ostensible letter.

The spectators pressed around,—but, breaking through the throng, came the fair nymphs aforesaid.

So Olaf learning this, even as aforesaid, turned his ships about & sailed southward off the coast.

A bow had he in his hand and 53 when they were come out to the ship, as aforesaid, Havard asked: Who fell off the tree-trunk?

But in the manner aforesaid was the Thing brought to an end, and the peasants went to their homes, and the King across to Ladir.

Now after the departure of Harald in the manner aforesaid, Svein Ulfson went on sleeping.

Under the circumstances the hunter may not be able to hold his rifle steady enough to hit these aforesaid spots.