Aforethought [adjective]

Definition of Aforethought:

engaged; destined

Synonyms of Aforethought:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aforethought:

Sentence/Example of Aforethought:

With malice aforethought, we made a raid to the extent of three pennies worth.

But let it be recorded to the old town's credit, the evil was propagated without malice aforethought.

But even granting that, one could scarcely help suspecting malice aforethought in the curious provision.

But I wonder if we might install protection against mechanical injury—with intent to damage aforethought!

He claims that Bud pitched him into that dishpan uh dough with malice aforethought.

It is not waiting for them to drag down the banner to the dust; it is making haste to trail it for them with malice aforethought.

As the tiny, merciful piston went home, I said feebly, with malice aforethought.

But if Mrs. Colton had deliberately chosen the spot, with malice aforethought, the place for her was a home for the feeble minded.

He operates consciously and increasingly with plan aforethought; and therefore he carries heavy responsibility.

It is the essence of crime that it be committed with malice aforethought, that the intention to commit it be clear.