Aforetime [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Aforetime:

Send thou to thy foster-son Harald, and bid him receive from thee the lands and fiefs which they had aforetime here in Denmark.

Aforetime had the man been in the service 156 of Einar who had favoured him more than a little.

Such souls aforetime have inspired and guided worlds, and if we be not wholly bewitched by our Rhine-gold, they shall again.

Our Great Master bore aforetime the most cruel disgrace in the same holy cause of vindicating the rights of man.

Dost not know that the Earl of Gloucester is at hand, to do the thing which he did aforetime at Lincoln?

Aforetime she had devoted her efforts chiefly to Merle as being the better worth saving.

Tenderly he eased his bulk to a flat stone, aforetime set in the church's faade, and dropped a crutch at either side.

He was listlessly crossing the way as a train came along, and it was easy for the habit of the aforetime brakeman to move him.

His wretchedness was due now to the fact that the aforetime huntress refused to be captured.

The second song of Demodocus has the general theme of the Trojan War and suggests the grand event of the aforetime.