Afoul [adverb]

Definition of Afoul:

wrongly; defectively

Synonyms of Afoul:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afoul:




Sentence/Example of Afoul:

If a payment could run afoul of the rules, companies must submit requests for exemption.

For decades, it was political death to run afoul of the police and their powerful unions.

"He's certainly fallen afoul of some mighty tough luck," went on Dick.

They were so thick that many appeared to be afoul of one another; now all standing on this tack, now on that.

All I hope for now is that we dont run afoul of some half-sunken rock, or it may be a snag!

A big flock of them ran afoul of the tower and were dazed by the lights.

And even when the feller got afoul of him, the chances are the old land-pirut would steal the brick.

The consequence of this was that we no sooner came Abreast of the reef in that locality than we got Afoul of it.

It was j'ined to the fog whistle, I cal'late, 'cause from under our bows sounded a beller like a bull afoul of a barb-wire fence.

You lay a course as true and fine as a hair, and run afoul a rotting derelict in the night!