Aft [adjective]

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Jones then went aft to a locker near the stern, whence he returned with a mallet and chisel, and went below.

Then he jumped aft mighty quick, grabbed the wheel as cool as anything you ever saw, and had her under headway in no time.

Daily ascending the companion-ladder to the main-deck aft, she gradually faded from cognisance forward.

Then, for a wind had arisen, the man ran aft to the wheel, and Henry Burns saw the strange yacht go sailing out of the harbour.

On the deck, forward and aft, are hatchways which give entrance to the bow and stern compartments respectively.

On the deck aft, about a couple of feet in advance of the rudder-head, are fitted two brass stanchions.

On either side of the gunwale aft is fitted a brass crutch for supporting the main boom when the vessel is at anchor (fig. 21).

Accordingly Mr. George and Rollo went aft again, and approached the gangway on the side where they supposed the boats would come.

After the open launch came the small yacht, having a small cabin enclosed mostly by glass with a standing room aft.

About two dozen or more yachts make use of it, among them being steamers and vessels of every method of fore-and-aft rig.