After [adjective]

Definition of After:

following in position or time

Synonyms of After:

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Sentence/Example of After:

But I don't see that that sort of thing helps him to decide upon the most suitable career for a young man in after-war conditions.

He wanted besides to stay for the after-service, which he had not done since he was a young man—never since his marriage.

I beg you not to quarrel with me for the word; some of the partakers in that after-service remain from no higher motive.

But the after-piece excited much emotion: it was called "The Discovery of Brazil."

He had dashed for an after-compartment to their storage place of tools, and returned with a blow-torch in his hand.

In the case of the latter, however, retribution was only visited upon the after-generation of smokers.

Agnes was often a visitor at Bungay, and not a little shocked at the atrocious after-dinner talk of the Bungay Radicals.

The youth had seated himself calmly on the edge of the after-rail, with an elbow rested on one knee.

By this precaution, the after-salting on the surface is sure to penetrate deep enough to cure effectually the less salted parts.

He used to speak at me, and drifted into a custom of coming home with me very regularly for an after-talk.