Afterbirth [noun]

Definition of Afterbirth:

amniotic sac

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Sentence/Example of Afterbirth:

The afterbirth, together with the umbilical cord, is nearly always buried under the house.

In natural labor, the expulsion of the afterbirth occurs from within a few minutes to an hour after the delivery of the child.

The afterbirth is not firmly attached to the womb, but is like the peel of an orange which Nature sloughs off in due time.

In a short time, a gradual contraction of the womb takes place, and the cleansings (afterbirth) are discharged.

All the pots are placed near the spot where the afterbirth was buried.

Say what you will, their jealousy—if any—is but an afterbirth to their open admiration.

First:—The manner in which the afterbirth advances, whether it be much or little.

The daughter of my Mexican guide was confined and the coming of the afterbirth was delayed.

If the teeth come quickly, people say that the afterbirth has not been buried deeply enough.

In order that girls may not grow hair on their faces, their lips and chins are rubbed with the afterbirth.