Aftereffects [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aftereffects:

In this case, I suspect, there was co-operant a strongly marked childish characteristic, the love of producing an effect.

He shrank, as from some one who inflicted pain as a child, unwittingly, to see what the effect would be.

And so this is why the clever performer cannot reproduce the effect of a speech of Demosthenes or Daniel Webster.

The well-known "cock and bull" stories of small children are inspired by this love of strong effect.

She stabbed him, noting the effect upon him with a detached interest that seemed indifferent to his pain.

Many of their cannon balls that fell far short of us, were collected and returned to them with powerful effect.

He is simply hearing every tone, knowing exactly what effect he wishes to produce and how to do it.

You may imagine the effect this missive produced upon the proud, high-minded doctor of divinity.

I asked him to tell me how he produced a certain effect he makes in his arrangement of the ballad in Wagner's Flying Dutchman.

He has told me that their society produced on him the effect of the cool hands of saints against his cheek.